Because we’re an asset-based intermodal provider, J.B. Hunt intermodal customers benefit not only from the cost savings of moving freight by rail, but also from priority loading, increased capacity, expert customer support teams and more. In addition to these benefits, J.B. Hunt offers a variety of intermodal services, including premium service levels, expedited delivery, transloading programs, and service to Alaska and Puerto Rico.

                        Expedited Intermodal

                        The premier domestic intermodal service available on select routes of the Class I railroads combined with the assets, resources and flawless execution of the industry leader in intermodal transportation.

                        Premium Intermodal

                        The "gold standard" of domestic intermodal service across the entire North American rail network. Services are available for virtually any length of haul and backed by quality drayage resources.

                        Puerto Rico & Alaska Services

                        Getting freight to these two destinations from almost anywhere has never been easier. Intermodal and over-the-road services, in combination with the marine services of selected providers, allow our customers to ship seamlessly.

                        Transloading Programs

                        Import supply chains are increasingly more complex and expensive. We excel at creating flexibility in import supply chains while simultaneously driving out costs. Transloading programs are tailored to meet the needs of our customers while complimenting their importing and exporting relationships.

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                        J.B. Hunt operates the largest fleet of company-owned 53’ containers and one of the largest drayage fleets in the world.
                        Learn more about the technology that supports J.B. Hunt’s intermodal operations.
                        Learn more about the technology that supports J.B. Hunt’s intermodal operations.

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